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posted 2 Nov 2011, 19:31 by Zam Mlk

Ramai yang tiada pengetahuan dalam pasaran hadapan FKLI. Sebelum masuk baik sertai kursus terlebih dahulu.

Mungkin boleh hit & run.. SCN? atau tunggu sehingga mereka umum 'quarter report' mereka?

SCAN was co-founded by Professor Dato’ Dr. Norbik Bashah Idris and nine other co-founders. Prof. Dato’ Dr. Norbik is one of the foremost ICT security experts in Malaysia.The Company originated from a research group at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, which had been conducting research in information security and cryptography since 1996.Since its inception, SCAN has been able to attract reputable venture capital partners, firstly Mayban Venture and later, Commerce Asset Ventures, a subsidiary of Bumiputra-Commerce Holdings.
We were appointed the ICT security consultant to the Malaysian Government in 2000 and have since built a strong track record in both the public and private sectors. We have implemented more than RM200 million worth of ICT security projects in Malaysia and overseas. Our clients are from various sectors such as the government, banking and finance, telecommunications and oil & gas sectors.

Quarter  pertama diumum pada hujung Mei 2011 --> sini  (untung)
Quarter ke 2 diumum pada hujung Ogos 2011 --> sini  (untung)
Quarter ke 3 akan diumum pada hujung November ini... 

indikator RSI daily chart menunjukkan melebihi paras 50 iaitu 50.4 ...
indikator Sto Slow pula mununjukkan sedang mahu keluar dari paras terlebih jual. ( oversold )